1st level of Accounting Certification
by Accountants Association in Poland

11 stycznia 2022 r.

Aim of the training

The aim of the training is to prepare the candidate for an accountant job.

The preparation is both, theoretical and practical.

After completion of the course participants will obtain basic accounting knowledge and skills.

Accomplishment of training objective will follow by:

  • Active participation in the training
  • Self-study (review of training materials, practical exercises prepared by the trainer)
  • Passing the control test
  • Passing the final exam.

Training approach

Classes will be conducted in the form of lecturers and seminar with lots of practical exercises.

Training Plan

1.1 Organization of the business activity
1.2 Introduction to accounting 
1.3 Characteristics of assets and liabilities  
1.4 Business transactions 
1.5. Accounting documents 
1.6 Accounting books 
1.7 Evidence of basic balance-sheet transactions 
1.8 Evidence of basic profit & loss transactions 
1.9 Earnings determination and measurement  
1.10 Preparation of simplified financial statement 
1.11 Case study & complex practical exercises
1.12 Ethics in the business and accounting profession 
1.13 Usage of IT systems and applications in bookkeeping   
Qualifying exam

Participants of the training should have at least middle education level and should demonstrate:

  • English level intermediate (B1).

Classes will be conducted in English only.

In order to apply you will need to:

- submit your application document,

- issue the advanced payment required.

Reimbursement of the pre-paid amount is possible only in the case of a written notification of participation withdrawal, handed in no later than 5 working days prior to the course beginning. The remaining amount is due to be paid during the course period, within the deadline specified by the organizer.

For those paying individually, the overall cost of the course can be paid in installments, following a written agreement with the course organizer and including an increase in the remaining amount by 5%.

Classes will be conducted once student groups are formed.

Course mode: twice a week for 3 training hours, from 17.00 to 19.30

We invite you to try out our training offer.

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