In 2011, reviewers of articles submitted to be published in ZTR were:

1) members of the Editorial Committee working until September 2011, including:
a) Chair: Prof. Alicja Jaruga, PhD (University of Łódź)
b) members:
- Prof.  Ksenia Czubakowska, PhD (University of Szczecin)
- Janusz Czerny, PhD (Higher School of Commerce and Accounting in Poznań)
-  Prof. Andrzej Kardasz, PhD (Wrocław University of Economics)
- Prof. Mirosław Krajewski, PhD (University of Gdańsk)
- Prof.  Teresa Martyniuk, PhD (University of Gdańsk)
- Ryszard Orliński PhD (Higher Vocational State School in Kalisz)
- Prof. Kazimierz Sawicki, PhD (University of Szczecin)

2) specialists invited by the Editorial Committee, including:
- Prof. Radosław Ignatowski, PhD (University of Łódź)
- Prof. Wanda Skoczylas, PhD (University of Szczecin)
- Prof. Irena Sobańska, PhD (University of Łódź)
- Maciej Frendzel, PhD (University of Łódź)
- Elżbieta Pogodzińska-Mizdrak, PhD (Cracow University of Economics)
- Adam Żwirbla, PhD (Higher School of Humanities and Economics in Włocławek)