"Zeszyty Teoretyczne Rachunkowości"
(Theoretical Journal of Accounting)
ISSN 1641-4381
ISSN 2391-677X online
Scientific journal published since 1977
Publisher: Research Council of the Accountants Association in Poland



ZTR (Theoretical Journal of Accounting) has been published by the Research Council of the Accountants Association in Poland since 1977, initially (1977-2000) entitled "Zeszyty Teoretyczne Rady Naukowej" (AAP Research Council Accounting Bulletins). The journal features articles written by Polish and foreign authors, in both Polish and English languages..

Every year, five volumes of ZTR are published, i.e three regular and two thematic (occasional) volumes. One of the occasional volumes presents a dozen or so of the best papers submitted for the Conference of Accounting Faculties in Poland organised every September by an Accounting Department from one of Polish universities. The second ZTR volume touches upon issues or events important for the accounting research.

Articles to be published in ZTR should be sent via Publishers Panel in the Index Copernicus at: http://www.ztr.skwp.pl