Jerzy Koniecki

dr Teresa Cebrowska

dr hab. prof. US Stanisław Hońko

Leszek Lewandowicz

Bożena Wilk

Membership structure

AAP's members - 26,037

ordinary members (natural persons) - 23,795

supporting members (corporate entities) - 2,242

honorary members - 50

Association's Authorities:

CENTRAL BODIES:                                  REGIONAL BODIES:

National Assembly of Delegates                   Regional Assembly of Delegates

Main Board                                                       Regional Boards

Main Audit Commission                                Regional Audit Commission

Main Peer Tribunal                                         Regional Peer Tribunal


Organizational units of the Main Board:

Main Board Office

Institute of Professional Certification for Accountants

Association consists of 26 Regional Branches, presidents of which are members of the Main Board. The following organizational units are subordinate to the Regional Branches of the Association.

  • local branches - 43
  • in-company sections- 43
  • trade, local sections - 55
  • clubs - 47
  • youth sections - 10
  • pension sections  6