Research Council is a body established by AAP Main Board and consists of academics representing the main academies and universities of Poland. Among its key objectives, the Council is committed to:

  • initiating and carrying out scientific research in order to ensure progress in accountancy and related areas
  • cooperating with other Main Board bodies to develop the framework for training and publication policies
  • initiating and co-hosting conferences and conventions focused on issues concerning AAP's statutory activities
  • organizing contests for the best bachelor and masters theses and doctoral and post-doctoral dissertations on accountancy.

Research Council operates within the following commissions and committees:

  1. Commission for Opinions on Projects in the Area of Accounting
  2. Commission for Development of the Accounting Profession
  3. Commission for History of the Accounting Theory and Practice in Poland
  4. Commission for Financial Analysis
  5. Commission for the Periodical “Theoretical Journal of Accounting” (“Zeszyty Teoretyczne Rachunkowości”)
  6. Program Council of the  “Theoretical Journal of Accounting”
  7. Program Commission of the magazine “Accountancy” (“Rachunkowość”)
  8.  Competition Jury for the Best Works on Accounting and Management Accounting
  9. Competition Jury for the Best Works on Ethical Dilemmas in Accounting