The Integrated Qualifications System (IQS) has been developed under the auspices and supervision of the  Minister of National Education  in cooperation with many stakeholders (employers, trade unions, industry organizations, non-governmental organizations, educational and research institutions, and training companies). IQS is aimed at raising the level of human capital in Poland by describing, ordering and collecting various qualifications in one register – called the Integrated Qualifications Register.

Integrated Qualification System

  • defines the principles and standards of confirmation of qualifications – thanks to which the quality of qualifications is ensured,
  • makes it easier for potential employees to certify their competencies – even if they have no specialized education,
  • increases the chance of getting a job in the country and abroad – thanks to the international recognition of certificates,
  • helps employers recognize employee value and invest in the professional development of human resources

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 The Accountants Association in Poland (AAP) from the very beginning has been a social partner participating in developing the IQS in Poland. On the motion of the AAP  four qualifications regarding accountancy have been included in the Integrated Qualifications Register. They are the following:

  1. supporting the accounting processes
  2. handling the accounting processes
  3. management of accounting processes
  4. management of payroll processes

These qualifications are arranged from the simplest (supporting accounting processes)  to the most complex (managing accounting processes)  and cover professional abilities ranging from bookkeeping to preparation of financial statements of various entities.

The persons who would like to obtain one of the 4 accountancy qualifications described in the Integrated Qualifications Register have to undergo two processes:

  1. Validation - checking and confirmation of possessing the skills required for a given qualification.
  2. Certification –issuing a certificate confirming the acquisition of a qualification.

Validation and certification of the accountancy qualifications are performed by the independent certifying institutions indicated by the Ministry of Finance. AAP awaits obtaining the status of a certifying institution for the above-mentioned qualifications.

Qualifications developed by the AAP

The sequence of the first three qualifications from the Integrated Qualifications Register is compatible with the certification path of the accounting profession introduced by the AAP over 10 years ago  (1st  degree – an accountant, 2nd degree – an accounting specialist and 3rd  degree – a chief accountant). Up to now, AAP has issued over 100,000 certificates confirming possession of these 3 qualifications.


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