On 4 December 2019 at the headquarters of the AAP  Main Board a meeting was held with the representatives of the local self-governing units  from  Georgia.

The delegation of 10 heads of municipal departments of finance, auditing, budget and culture was led by David Khosruashvili -  President of the Association of Finance Officers of Local Self-governing Units of Georgia. The Association of Accountants in Poland was represented by Jerzy Koniecki - President of the Main Board and  prof. Ewa Hellich from the Warsaw Economic School and  a member of the AAP Scientific Council.

During the meeting two presidents  outlined  the activity and the main goals of the  organizations they manage. Prof. Ewa Hellich presented the system of public finance in Poland.

Guests from Georgia highly rated the Association's education and training experiences, hoping that they will be extended to include public finance training. President Jerzy Koniecki invited guests to return to Poland and the Association.


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