The Conference gathered participants from international organizations such as the World Bank, IASB and ACCA, as well as many professional accountancy organizations from such countries as Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Estonia, Russia, Rumania and Israel.
At the beginning of the conference, the invited guests congratulated GFPAA on its 20 years of history and wished it further successes. AAP representative read the letter from our President Mr Franciszek Wala, which had been sent before and placed in the special brochure issued by GFPAA for this event, and gave a gift: an anniversary plaque. In its letter, Mr Franciszek Wala emphasized that “GFPAA successfully fulfils its mission of development and support of accountancy and auditing professions in Georgia”.

After the greetings, there were three sessions focused on the problems of accounting regulations in Georgia and their adaptation to the EU standards, development of education of professional accountants and auditors and the role and relevance of professional accountancy organizations in Georgia.

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