Poland - its government, sanitary and epidemiological services, health care system, army, firemen, volunteers and the society as a whole -  face and fight  the Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic - just like other EU Member States. At the country level a lot of preventive, curative and coordinating measures are being taken.


The Accountants Association in Poland authorities, in a spirit of responsibility for its students and employees,  very quickly reacted and took a decission to suspend - until 10 April 2020 - all stationary educational classes at the courses and trainings in all its 26 Regional Branches.


Following the recommendations to maintain the social distance - which limits the  expansion of the virus - AAP employees perform remote work. Current contacts are maintained via e-mails, telephone calls and video conferences.


AAP authorities express solidarity with all professional accounting organizations in the EU countries and around the world, who by means of their actions and attitudes are actively engaged in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.




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