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Kwartalnik "Accounting Education: an international journal" zaprasza osoby zainteresowaną współpracą do zapoznania się z poniższą treścią (tekst angielski):


The Interface Between Academic Education
And Professional Training for Accountants

In 2008, Accounting Education: an international journal plans to publish a themed issue dedicated to the interface between Academic Education and Professional Training for Accountants. Invited Guest Editors for this themed issue are Elaine Evans (Macquarie University, Australia) and Roger Juchau (University of Western Sydney, Australia), AE's usual editorial policies will apply.

Interface matters cover a range of topics having historical, current and prospective settings. Research dealing with the ‘how', ‘why' and ‘should' interface questions has limited exposure in the research journals. The problems of linkage and closure between academic education and professional training have currency, given the present pressures from students and employers to move accounting preparation to a more efficient, economic and practical basis. Expectations of academics, students, employers and professional bodies struggle for alignment as current university and professional employment conditions generate new pressures for changing the academic and professional pathways for educational development.

Papers are sought on any aspect of interface topics between academic education and professional training in accounting. The following list of suggested topics is indicative but not intended to be exhaustive:

  • Historical analysis of pathways
  • Critical evaluation of interfaces
  • Models for successful interface
  • Drivers for changes in interface/linkages 
  • Convergence/divergence - accounting education and accounting work
  • Failure in academic and professional provision of accounting education
  • Studies of current academic and professional accounting education - evaluative, critical, analytical
  • Mediating forces for change in education and training
  • Significance of expectation gaps
  • Jurisdictional disputes between Academic Education and Professional Training

We welcome notification of initial interest by potential authors and we are happy to discuss proposals at their embryonic stage. The revised deadline for final submissions is 30 June 2007. Submission in hard copy or electronically can be made to either:

  • Professor Roger Juchau
    University of Western Sydney
    P O Box 1797, Penrith


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